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 Osamerukami Family

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PostSubject: Osamerukami Family   Osamerukami Family EmptyThu Sep 19, 2013 8:35 pm

Name:Osamerukami ~ lit. Govern God/ God Governing (治める神)

Current Leader: Kururai Osamerukami ~ lit. God Governing Come Come. Meant to be "Come Govern God" (くるらい 治める神) ( (nicknamed "Ōkami", which if put backwards (kami Ō) is God-King; also, okami can mean proprietress, or landlady. it's also the first letter and last 2 syllables of his surname. the landlady pun is due to him having the appearance of a female. Also has several other nicknames, such as Hayakami ~ lit. Speed God (速神), due to his affinity for speed-based techniques (a Wave Controller, but has the capabilities to be a High Ranker Scout)

Values:Intelligence, Wisdom, Power, Status (this value is something the family is not adamant about)

Distinct Physical Features: The Osamerukamis tend to be highly attractive and have slender bodies that hide well-worked muscles. Most of them are generally around under 6 feet by a few inches. Due to their usual high metabolism, they are rarely over-weight, but such has a occurred previously.

Renown: The Osamerukami is renown for their innovation in Shinsoo usage and manipulation. Many of the members have been able to perform outstanding abilities with shinsoo, or have been able to use them through unconventional means. As Power, Wisdom and Intelligence are their main Values, the Osamerukami family has bred several tactical geniuses, strong warriors and wise rankers. As they frown upon incompetence, they also are known to have somewhat of a condescending attitude and sarcastic tones, but they also know when they've over-stepped their boundaries; because of this, the Osamerukamis have successfully secured their place as a great family (for the time being). One of the main traits, in terms of combat, of the Osamerukami family is their speed (thus bearing many scouts), or rather, their agility in general. As such, several of them have yet to bear wounds from battle. In short, their main attributes for engagements are Speed, Shinsoo and Intellect.

History: To summarize, the Osamerukami family originated with Kururai Osamerukami (which coincidentally, is the name of the current leader. Well, not that much of a coincidence, since the current Kururai was named after the founder). Originally, the Osamerukami family was unknown to anyone outside their local domains, and they never seemed to have any significant prowess in any subject, however, there was a sudden burst of Regulars climbing through the tower at alarming speeds whom went by the surname "Osamerukami". It was later found that a couple of them had actually been taught and severely trained in the ways of shinsoo, which no-one had originally suspected; understandable however, as the Osamerukamis hardly conversed with those outside their family. In fact, the Osamerukami family has been repopulating purely through incest (mainly distant-cousins however) up til now. Out of the burst of 300 regulars whom shot through the tower in 31 years, whom went by the surname "Osamerukami", 49 of them had become one of the few rankers. Out of 49 of them, 13 had joined the number of 1000 high rankers; again, in only 31 years, and as it is known that climbing the tower can take up to a dozen or so years just to make it to floor 30, the Osamerukamis had thus gained fame and recognition. Eventually, a regular, "Kururai Osamerukami", at the simple age of 19, had gotten to floor 82. Such a phenomenon was clearly recognised and gained the attention of King Zahard himself. It was revealed that King Zahard, after assessing Kururai's potential when watching him fight in a duel, invited him to join the Zahard Princesses. Kururai then informed King Zahard that he was a male (yes; the original Kururai's appearance was so deceiving, even King Zahard, the most powerful and wise(?) person in the tower, had thought that Kururai had been a woman). After becoming a ranker at the age of 21, Kururai had been interviewed and accidentally revealed this fact. The arduous work of many people had successfully buried the knowledge of this incident after three and a half years. Kururai, by the age of 26, had been recognised as a high ranker, and one of the stronger ones at that. From there on, Kururai settled down, bearing children with a distant cousin (very distant; so distant, Kururai nor his wife ever discovered their relation. His wife's last name was Sōzōshin-- her father changed his name from Osamerukami to Sōzōshin due to committing a felony and masterminding a mission in F.U.G. His name change, except by the Osamerukami family and some of the higher up F.U.G agents has yet to be known. He's dead now, by the way), and eventually instating the Osamerukami family as a great family in the later years of his life-span. Each of the Osamerukami leaders are required to be at least in the top 100 high rankers, and of that number, all the leaders so far have been in the top 50.
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Osamerukami Family
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