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 The Khartis Family

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PostSubject: The Khartis Family   The Khartis Family EmptyWed Jul 10, 2013 12:19 am

Name:The Khartis Family
Current Leader: Khartis Äventyr(Scout/Lightbearers)
Values:Discovery, Adventure, Celebration, Lightheartedness, Wild Parties, Braving Dangers
Distinct Physical Features: Midnight blue hair and orange eyes. Orange is also the primary color of the family since it is the color of adventure. Ponytail's are optional and all tricorn must be earned by becoming a ranker.
Renown: They make great scouts and sometimes lightbearers, though the scouts and lightbearers of this family tend to have less of a dark reputation that the Izaya family.(I could delete this if you want Agito) Äventyr herself heads the prestigious pathfinder's guild that focuses on exploration and discovery within the tower. As a result, many rankers of this family aim to be a member though she is willing to give any ranker with an "Adventurer's Spirit" a fair shot.
History: Famous for their leader's mapping out of most of the tower, including many exotic and dangerous locales. Most family members have very adventurous personalities. One of the family's more recent high rankers has been credited with the invention of a whole new extreme sport that involves high speed, shinsoo-guided roller blading over searing hot lava in nothing but one's underwear. They are also closely linked with one of the best races of guides in the tower, the Grey Weasels(A race of Weaselmen) to the point that the Grey Weasels refuse to act as a guide to one who is not a member or the friend of a member of the Khartis Family.
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The Khartis Family
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