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 Hwacheon Seong [WIP]

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PostSubject: Hwacheon Seong [WIP]   Hwacheon Seong [WIP] EmptyThu Sep 19, 2013 9:11 pm

Basic Information

 "Tell me about yourself?"

      Name: Hwacheon Seong (lit. Hwacheon Surname. Hwacheon in japanese is hanakawa. when separating "Hana" and "Kawa", and using different Kanjis for them, Hana becomes "flower" and Kawa becomes river. "Kawa" may also mean "skin", thereby Hwacheon's Japanese equivalent having a meaning directed towards "Flower River", or rather, "Flower Skin". It is intended to be "Skin-Flowered River", meaning "Garden River", referring to how Gardens are ridden with flowers, and possess several creatures, and many of which possess skin. The "river" part is simply carried over. "Garden Rivers" are tranquil and flow smoothly, with few large ripples except those created by the stones within and the creatures that come for it's blessings of water. Hwacheon's name's intended meaning is reflected upon and shown in many of her traits, and even her abilities. "Seong" is simply "surname" in english; I got lazy.
     Alias: False Osamerukami: False God King (as kings govern) lit. Niseshino ~ Ni se shin'ō (にせ神王) Keghts ~ lit. "false" (armenian), shortening her full nickname of "gajja sin-wang" ~ lit. 가짜 신왕 (Korean)
4 (technically 16-19)
       Birthday: February 29th
       Race: Quasi-Osamerukami (as she is only partially (half) of Osamerukamian descent, Quasi (essentially meaning fake, also going along with her nickname) Osamerukami would be her race. Osamerukamian refers to the racial genes that have been passed on throughout the Osamerukami family exclusively. Due to the vast amount of incest, naturally, several abnormalities in racial traits have differed; namely, the muscular aspect of the body almost always being hidden (there is never any muscular tone on a female Osamerukami body). Their bodies are able to hide their muscular definition, so an Osamerukami may be as buff as a bod builder, but they won't grow in size. Due to this, Osamerukamis all have high density bodies, as they are often times extremely strong (hereditary trait as well), and their bodies do not change in size according to muscle growth (getting repetitive here). An Osamerukami is generally 3-5 times as many kilograms as a person their approximate size and shape normally is.  
       Sexuality: Pan-Sexual (for those whom are ill-informed on this sexuality, Pan-Sexual essentially refers to those who are open to any gender (trans, female, male, trap). This also includes asexual life-forms, or even life-forms that are absent of a definite conscience (animals, plants, pans).)


 Appearance and Profile Information

 "Lets see who you are."


     Character Description:

(Describe how your character looks, try to make it a paragraph please. Upload a picture here
to give members a better view, please put the picture into spoilers)

   Only need one goal can have more, but the others need 3 and why.






(try to give us a good explanation on how your character behaves and how they see the world. This needs to be at least a paragraph long.)

       Character's History:

We want you to be very close to your Regular on a personal level soooo
This is the part where you tell your character's story! Where did they
come from? Where have they been? What did they do and how did they get
to be where they are? Be Creative and have fun with it. We would like this section to be 2-3 paragraphs long please.

 Character Aspects
   "Just a few specifics."

     Rank: (Every new regular starts at F rank)
(What position you want your character to be.)
(How tall is your character?)      
(How much does your character weigh? please be logical on this one)
     Hair color/length:
(Since this forum is anime based odd hair colors are fine)
       Eye color:
(Again, odd colors are okay)  

 "What do you carry?"


   (use the link button in the toolbar to link an item or weapon page here, this will be done by staff to keep updated)


 Combat Information

"Got some skills?"
Fighting Techniques








Contact info
  "Just a few random things."
             (Not required)
             Who do you want to be known as OOC?:
               Want to share your skype?:
               Hours you think you'll be available?:
 Face Claim: (Name of your Face Claim)
   Anime: (What Anime is your Face Claim from)
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Hwacheon Seong [WIP]
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