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PostSubject: Kasai Hon WIP   Kasai Hon WIP EmptyMon Aug 12, 2013 4:20 am

Basic Information

"Tell me about yourself?"

Name: Kasai Hon
Alias: Kain
Birthday: Aug. 19
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight


Appearance and Profile Information

"Lets see who you are."

Character Description:

Kasai being an adolescent, has close to no facial hair and still has most of the soft features of a child. However, due to his particular training regime, Kasai. standing roughly 5'10 weighing just above 150lbs, has a bit more slender muscular build than many people of his age, in fact he is fairly toned as of his body build. Kasai has long, dark brown hair that he usually jells in thick strands to get sort of a pointed look from various locks of hair. From his Japponese heritage he has a lighter, but fairly oriental, skin tone. Aside from the coor of his skin, he has no other appearance of being oriental.

Kasai generally goes shirtless, or wears something with the resemblance to a light brown linen poncho that covers his body down to just below the knee. The poncho itself does sort of rise a bit by his sides as to allow his arms to protrude. He wears black jeans and red chaps over them leaving only the front and pockets of the jeans showing. The chaps has 3 belts that link both sides together from behind, and each belt has a string of stars across them, he also wears black shoes that have red steel tips on the front and back, while on the front it has two circular protrusion. Kasai wears black gloves with red trim, and the gloves both have similar red steel knuckles with two circular protrusions.

Only need one goal can have more, but the others need 3 and why.

Life-goal(s): Become King of the tower, because that's simply what he desires.

Motivations: The death of his "brother" moves him to grow stronger; His appetite for power constantly urges him to become stronger; His megalomaniac disorder drives him to sit on the throne that he plans to move Zahard from, forcefully.

Likes: The sweet taste of chocolates; Fighting as to prove whom is better than the other; Training to become stronger especially after learning even the slightest weakness; Loud music because it helps him get into the mood he desires; Eating BECAUSE ITS SO AWESOME!!!

Dislikes: Weaklings, because they are weakness incarnate and he suffers nobody's weakness; Show Offs, for they flaunt their strengths with no regards as to their place in life......underneath his boot! Skipping Leg day because it's just unacceptable!


Kasai is typically generous and soft spoken unless something happens to "get his blood pumping" which happens fairly often. He can be a bit brash and say things without thinking when in the moment but can also prove his worth as a calm and collected individual allowing him to fully utilize his abilities to properly analyze a situation. Kasai loves to laugh and play and acts as though he were 12, playing around without a care in the world, and this usually appears when he's training, with or without someone. Kasai is very sociable, and openly taunts people but casually converses with others as well. He is easy to approach and isn't very suspicious of others unless it's obvious that he should be.

However, though he can display hasty anger towards friends and associates, he saves his true anger and hostility for when it's more suitable because when he is angered he think of nothing less than humiliating his opponent and killing/torturing the object of his hostilities. When angered, Kasai can become frenzied, lashing out without a care at anyone who is in his way with no regards for rules or regulations.

Character's History:

We want you to be very close to your Regular on a personal level soooo
This is the part where you tell your character's story! Where did they
come from? Where have they been? What did they do and how did they get
to be where they are? Be Creative and have fun with it. We would like this section to be 2-3 paragraphs long please.

Character Aspects
"Just a few specifics."

Rank: F-Rank
154 lbs
Hair color/length:
Dark Brownish/ 67in long
Eye color:


"What do you carry?"

(use the link button in the toolbar to link an item or weapon page here, this will be done by staff to keep updated)

Combat Information

"Got some skills?"

Fighting Techniques







Contact info
"Just a few random things."

(Not required)
Who do you want to be known as OOC?:
Want to share your skype?:
Hours you think you'll be available?: Varies
Face Claim: Hao Asakura
Anime: Shaman King
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Kasai Hon WIP
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