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 Heroes Vs Villains

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PostSubject: Heroes Vs Villains   Heroes Vs Villains EmptyWed Aug 07, 2013 5:51 pm

Are you a fan of Superheroes? Or perhaps you've always wanted to release your inner evils as a Villain? If you're a fan of Roleplaying, then you're in luck!

Heroes vs Villains is a free Roleplay Site entirely centered around the battle between Heroes and Villains. The site is set in fictitious Liberty City, governed by a Chancellor. Liberty City is filled with Heroes and Villains, many of which the public has dubbed Supers, due to their extraordinary abilities.

Heroes vs Villains is not set in any existing universe. It is not part of the MARVEL, DC, or Dark Horse universes. It is its own IP. Because of this, you get to create your own custom Super Hero or Villain. You can base it off anything: existing Hero/Villain, videogame or book character, TV/Anime, or something of your own invention.

Roleplaying on Heroes vs Villains is a unique experience comparable to tabletop RPG's like Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, etc. You control only your Character, and a Moderator (Think DungeonMaster) role-plays with you, controlling the environment and NPCs (Non Player Characters).

Heroes Vs Villains has so many things to offer:

  • Free and easy to use Site
  • A plethora of forums, each representing a fun environment to adventure in.
  • An Inventory System comparable to MMO games.
  • Friendly Staff
  • Always expanding content. The Roleplay never gets stale with new content being added.
  • Fun contests, games, and Freebies!

In addition, we're also working on releasing a new Roleplaying experience, where you can Roleplay as a Student in an Academy designed for Super-powered children. You'll be able to both RP at the Academy and in Liberty City at the same time!

Come check us out if you're looking for a fun, new Roleplaying experience!
Visit the Site Here | Register Here | More Plot History

-Werewolf Link Heroes Vs Villains 1524882188 
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Heroes Vs Villains
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