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 The first test- Genshiki enters

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The first test- Genshiki enters Empty
PostSubject: The first test- Genshiki enters   The first test- Genshiki enters EmptyMon Jul 15, 2013 6:11 pm

Sitting above the testing area of the second floor Genshiki watched as countless regulars began popping up, being ported there by Harpie. He waited for all of them to show up before he said anything, he noticed a couple people had already broken out into fights and got slightly irritated but let the matter drift from his mind. Looking at his pocket he was able to discern how many regulars were now in the area and with a small smile he stood up and began speaking, his voice amplified to reach all ears within his testing area. Welcome chosen regulars! Its me Genshiki and it looks like everyone is here now so how about we get this party started! Genshiki said, letting his words drift to everyone's ears.

As you may know i am the Director of this test, but it seems like there is too many of you regulars so what say we lower the numbers? In five minutes the test will begin and all there is too it is make the current number of regulars drop.... By half. Genshiki smiled as he said this, imagining the faces of all the regulars who must now be looking around preparing for the worst outcome. Crossing his arms he sat back in his chair and prepared to say one final thing. Just remember, the means to not matter as long as the number of regulars who are capable of going to the next floor drops by half. Use whatever means necessary to achieve this goal. Genshiki laughed, the sounds traveling across the testing area for all to hear. Oh and before i forget, after the number of regulars has reached half of its current number you all will need to get into groups of 3 to pass this test, so do your best and have fun! Genshiki called out to the regulars and leaned back, getting ready for the show.
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The first test- Genshiki enters
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