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 The Proctors: (WiP)

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PostSubject: The Proctors: (WiP)   Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:52 pm

Floor: 1
Name: Harpie
Appearance Age: late 20s, early 30s
Personality: Harpie is a nice, kind women. She will never insult a person, and is always going to insult someone. Of course, even with this personality she won't interfere with your exam. She has a gentle voice, and is always calling people "my child".
Floor: 2
Name: Genshiki Hindo
Appearance Age: early-mid 20s.
Personality: He is typically a kind hearted soul. He will often pick on the people he is watching over, however, his intentions are good. However, he knows when to get serious and will not hesitate to hurt those who deem as a threat to him.
Floor: 3
Name: Donald Yusko
Appearance Age: late 40s.
Appearance: he is only about one and a half feet tall.
Personality: He is very rude and will often hit people with a giant, 2 meter long cane that he managed to pull out of is hat. He will often tease the people taking his exam, and over all acts like a jerk. However, he is very emotional.
Floor: 4
Name: Misa
Appearance Age: 19
Personality: She is typical girl, she acts as if she is in high school. She often tries her hardest to get everyones attention, however she often makes comments about her own appearance as if any one is watching her. it is hard for her to get the attention of others, however, everyone might want to listen sense she is giving you exam!
Floor: 5
Name: unknown
Appearance Age: unknown
Personality: He doesn't speak. He only points out what you have to do for the exam, and will occasionally hand out letters which explain what you must do for the exam. However, thats only if you dont make him sad, which is very easy to do.
Floor: 6
Name: Dovanic Kenpa
Appearance Age: late 20s
Personality: He is very load, and kind of obnoxious. He will always mention rock and roll, and occasionally he will start singing his instructions in stead of just talking about them. (he is an awful singer by the way, just dot tell him that.)
Floor: 7
Name: Mr. Yoshido
Appearance Age: late 70s, maybe early 80s.
Personality: A honestly perverted old man. He will never even look at a guy, only a women, and even then its looking at her boobs. He will usually get mad if a group of all guys shows up, and almost always makes sexual remarks towards the females.
Floor: 8
Name: Miki & Kimi
Appearance Age:  12
Personality: they are quiet, monotones twins. They speak simultaneously and sound like pretty dull people.
Floor: 10
Name: Assas Inatenor
Appearance Age: early 30s
Personality: a semi-rude and obnoxious man who usually goes into run on sentences. However, no one interrupt him or their will be hell to pay.
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The Proctors: (WiP)
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