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 Aurora Ha (Hannah Zahard's Character)

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Character sheet

Aurora Ha (Hannah Zahard's Character) Empty
PostSubject: Aurora Ha (Hannah Zahard's Character)   Aurora Ha (Hannah Zahard's Character) EmptySun Jul 14, 2013 3:08 pm

(I am posting this because Hannah Zahard was having issues getting it to work)
Basic Information

"Tell me about yourself?"

     Name: Aurora Ha
The Ha's Rainbow Princess; Aurora
The Rainbow Princess
       Birthday: 17 February
       Race: Human
       Sexuality: Straight


Appearance and Profile Information

"Lets see who you are."


     Character Description:

Aurora has bright red eyes, her hair is dark brown and falls down to her waist, she ties it into a ponytail with a cream and red cloth. She wears a blazer, shirt and tie coloured cream, white and red respectively the blazer and shirt have gold lining. She has a brown and black skirt the black running along the hem, she also wears thigh length high white socks and brown heels.


   Only need one goal can have more, but the others need 3 and why.

To collect the 13 month series and prove her strength.
1: Aspires to become stronger than all of zahards princesses and bring honour to her family
2: To gain the respect from the other families like her family deserves
3: Wants to prove she deserved to become a princess, and prove Ha should be great

Fighting: Demonstrating her strength, strengthens her resolve
Ha: wants to help Alistair climb for the family and for his goal, loves the family that raised her
Shinsoo: she has always loved Shinsoo dispite being trained to take on all roles as a fisherman


Zahard Princesses: she wants to show Zahard she should have been a princess, feels robbed
Fish: the taste and the smell
Abuse of Power: the strong should not need to flaunt there power



Aurora has a refined personality after being raised by her mother. She is generally polite and well spoken. However she does have a temper, and won't accept being looked down on. She can enjoy peoples company but dislikes loud and obnoxious people and is likely to speak her mind. She understand people's uses and what she can offer others so she will use this to her advantage and is likely manipulate people as she see's fit. She will never betray people she cares about but getting her to care about you is all down to luck more than anything else.

       Character's History:

Aurora was brought up on the 47th floor by her mother a ranker, her father focused all his efforts training her older brother Leo, his pride and joy. Luckily her mother was stronger than her father, she trained her into a well balanced fishermen, the training was hard, and the Shinsoo training was her most enjoyable but she had no extraordinary talent for it, but she was fast, and her body strong... She had her goal, to become a Zahard princess, but as the years went by she grew stronger but she was not chosen. She decided she would prove Zahard wrong, she was better thane could have ever imagined and after she had found her resolve he came to her, The white rabbit. She grabbed his outstretched hand as her mother came through the door, a proud smile stretched across her face as Aurora started her climb as a regular.

Character Aspects
  "Just a few specifics."

    Rank: (Every new regular starts at F rank)
     Hair color/length:
Dark Brown
       Eye color:

 "What do you carry?"




Combat Information

"Got some skills?"
Fighting Techniques








Contact info
 "Just a few random things."
            (Not required)
            Who do you want to be known as OOC?:
               Want to share your skype?:
               Hours you think you'll be available?:

Face Claim: Fuuka Kirino
  Anime: injoku senkyosen
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Character sheet

Aurora Ha (Hannah Zahard's Character) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aurora Ha (Hannah Zahard's Character)   Aurora Ha (Hannah Zahard's Character) EmptySun Jul 14, 2013 4:13 pm

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Aurora Ha (Hannah Zahard's Character)
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