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 Alistair Ha

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Alistair Ha

Alistair Ha

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Alistair Ha   Alistair Ha EmptyFri Jul 12, 2013 1:07 am

Basic Information

 "Tell me about yourself?"

      Name: Alistair (Ha)
     Alias: The Crimson Fisherman
       Birthday: 10 October
       Race: Human?
       Sexuality: Straight/Bi


 Appearance and Profile Information

 "Lets see who you are."


     Character Description:

Alistair has a well built physique to match his height of 5'11. He has the Ha's red eyes and light skin, as well as short brown hair. His clothing is not set but they follow a trend, a coloured t-shirt followed with grey shorts and coloured shoes to match his top.


   Only need one goal can have more, but the others need 3 and why.

To climb the tower and bring honour back to his name (not his branch of Ha)
Idolises irregulars, aspires to become as strong as they are, so he can gain there freedom.
Wants to live his own way, break free from his father and never have to relive his past.
Wants to test his strength against others so he can continually grow, he can stand the idea of becoming weak and unworthy to live.

Strength - he believes strength breaths freedom, therefore he seeks strength to ensure his freedom
Irregulars - they have access to unbelievable power and he wishes he could become like them.
Blonde hair - it's a weird quirk of his but blonds get Alistair's blood pumping.


Arrogance - the belief that you can't possible not be wrong and must already know everything drags Alistair through his abusive memories.
Entitlement - he can't bare whiteness to people claiming what they want without so much of an ounce of effort going into it.
Weakness - he feels that every weakness of those around him are also his own, as the chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so being teamed up with weak people unsettles Alistair.



Alistair has strong ideals which he holds dear (power is freedom, weakness is shared, you must work for what you want, you are always learning and if you shut you stop you die), yet he understands the world and how playing along can get you further than charging head first. He can be rash at times but is overall level-headed and sharp when he needs to be. When he meats someone he ranks them based on there skill, appearance, usefulness, personality and position before deciding who he should join and who he should not. Even if he holds somebody high in his rankings, if they tick any of his dislikes he tends to keep them at arms length.

       Character's History:

Alistair was born into a branch of the Ha family that was quite close to the main branch, because of this Alistair grew up admiring princess Yumi. When he was 8 his farther demanded his training begin now, but Alistair's mother refused to have her son train in Shinsoo until he was fully grown. His father backed of while Alistair's mother protected him but 10 years later his mother vanished and his father started his training.

Alistair was to be the best and anything less ended with ruthless beatings. His father would tie Alistair to a wooden post and swing at him for hours claiming this would strengthen his body and if he died because of this light training he had no right to live, "the weak must overcome there weakness to deserve to live with the strong" this continued for the next 3 years Alistair training secretly with the crimson needle he received as anonymous gift for his 18th birthday. Ultimately leading to the disgrace of Alistair's farther and his family including Alistair, Headon appeared to him the day Alistair left home granting his wish to find his mother and escape his fathers shame.

 Character Aspects
   "Just a few specifics."

     Rank: (Every new regular starts at F rank)
     Hair color/length:
       Eye color:

 "What do you carry?"


 Combat Information

"Got some skills?"
Fighting Techniques








Contact info
  "Just a few random things."
             (Not required)
             Who do you want to be known as OOC?: Anything is fine but my name is Mike/Michael
               Want to share your skype?: don't have one
               Hours you think you'll be available?: 1h per day min

 Face Claim: own design based on Ha family

   Anime: N/A

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Juno Oni
Juno Oni

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Re: Alistair Ha   Alistair Ha EmptyFri Jul 12, 2013 1:16 am

Alistair Ha Bear13

Alistair Ha Faust110
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Alistair Ha
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