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 The Pathfinder's Guild

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PostSubject: The Pathfinder's Guild   The Pathfinder's Guild EmptyWed Jul 10, 2013 10:02 pm

Name: The Pathfinder's Guild
Origin:Khartis Äventyr originally founded this guild about 100 years after her legendary climbing of the tower with the other great warriors. It was founded shortly after one of her greatest expeditions into the "Great Pit" of liquified shinsoo on the 118th floor. Due to a combination of the ridiculously high shinsoo concentration and volatile weather caused by a highly irritable guardian, this was considered impossible before. She and her close friend, Velwick Laska(The head guide of the Grey Weasel Race) founded this organization to share their joy of thrilling journeys to others that were capable.
Goal: "To discover all that is worth discovering in the tower" This includes going to the floors that have yet to be conquered. Some of the members even speak of possibly attempting to leave the tower(Äventyr is not among these members.)
Requirements: To join the guild, one must first become a ranker(it is recommended to at least be in the top 50% of the rankings). After this they must send in a catalog of their adventurous exploits. The Candidate Selection Committee may then choose to test the individual further both physically and through their adventurous spirit.

Members of the Khartis family and the guides of the Grey Weasel race are often pressured to apply, though few have trouble actually getting in since they are often bathed in adventurous spirit from a young age. Many of the members are Scouts, Light Bearers and Guides.
Leadership: The Pathfinder's Guild is a social club with no true leadership, they do however have various committees such as the candidate selection committee, the sports committee and the Journey Committee. As their name implies, accomplished members of the guild are allowed to join one and are able to vote on things such as whether a certain candidate will be allowed in the guild.
Accomplishments: This organization has single handedly mapped out most of the tower. They are also credited for their record setting stunts and extreme sports. Regulars and rankers a like love to watch these sports played if they should ever appear on their floor.
Symbol: Members can be recognized through the possession of what is know outside of the tower as a compass. The Pathfinder's Guild compass is silver with an ornate symbol said to represent "the right path" on the back in orange. Many members also wear tricorn hats with the same symbol.
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PostSubject: Re: The Pathfinder's Guild   The Pathfinder's Guild EmptyWed Jul 10, 2013 10:08 pm

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The Pathfinder's Guild
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