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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Brizan Tivilian Greyzong Ka'azigar   Brizan Tivilian Greyzong Ka'azigar EmptyTue Jul 09, 2013 6:59 pm

Basic Information

"Tell me about yourself?"

      Name: (Whats your Regulars name?) Brizan Tivilian Greyzong Ka'azigar
     Alias: (You own a nickname?) Briz or Grandmaster Briz(what he facetiously insists for others to call him)
(how old is your character? In this world age is very irrelevant as Regulars live well beyond the age of normal humans. Though as someone who just started climbing the tower it wouldn’t be uncommon to start at around 20-25) 26
(What's your Character's Sexuality?) Male
       Birthday: (Just a day and month will work.) 3/26
       Race: (like the manga you can be almost anything, wanna be part lizard? go for it, wanna be a race that has horns? why not)  Greyzong- A grey-skinned race with long, down-pointed ears. The Greyzong lack a nose and instead just have two small slits between their eyes and mouth, they also lack eyebrows but not facial hair. Their average height is exactly 8 cm shorter than humans so they therefore constantly hold it against them. Endemic to the 88th floor of the tower.
       Sexuality: Brizan is not attracted to anyone of either gender(Jests being attracted to himself)


Appearance and Profile Information

"Lets see who you are."


     Character Description:

(Describe how your character looks, try to make it a paragraph please. Upload a picture here
to give members a better view, please put the picture into spoilers)
Brizan is a slender individual with grey skin as that is is his most prominent racial trait. His blonde hair is slicked back and trail down most of his neck along with orange eyes with pattern that also is unique to his race. His ears are drooped downwards and slightly pointed. As with all members of his race, he lacks, but instead has two slit-like nostrils in its place. He also has a small blond goatee on his chin.

In terms of clothing, Brizan wears an orange tunic-like shirt with lacings at the top underneath a belted grey leather jacket(the belts are brown). His pants are light(Kahki) in color and are cargo-styled with many pockets. He also has a pair of grey boots that  work well for both running and trekking through mud. Both of his hands are wrapped up in athletic tape to support his fingers. The most notable feature of his outfit, however, is his orange goggles of an almost steam punk design. The goggles have a switch to tint the lenses and may double as binoculars with further modifications.

His eyes are illustrated in a later section
   Only need one goal can have more, but the others need 3 and why.

To leave the tower and make a lasting impact on the entire world(possibly even beyond)- he hates the idea of the tower equating to the world and sees rankings in the tower as pointless. Because of this, Brizan wants nothing more than to gain true freedom from the many contracts of the tower and make his legacy in the world outside despite knowing little of it.
1. Longing for freedom- As mentioned before, the though living his entire life bound by walls, no matter how wide, sickens him. He wants to see the real world. Despite having journeyed as close as he possibly could to the wall of his floor(88) only to come to the realization that someone as insignificant as him would never be able to leave.

2. Desire to give his existence meaning- In a tower of trillion that was only a part of a logically larger world, Brizan is in the middle of an existential crises. Becoming in a ranker is the first step in making a lasting impact.

3. Curiosity and lust for knowledge- A scientist at heart, Brizan loves to discover new things both inside and outside the tower along with how those things work.

Originality- Anything(including plants, animals and fungi) that have unique qualities or adaptations to survive their environments. This also applies to personalities, strategies and pretty much everything else for similar reasons.

Fungi: Brizan spent some time studying and observing various forms of visible life. He has a specific expertise in fungus and their effect on the shinsoo around them. He is able to identify many types of plants and fungus and give their various uses.

Making others feel awkward- A favorite hobby of his, he loves to put others into uncomfortable social situations because he likes being awkward himself.
Helping strangers- Recognizes the size and scope of the tower and its people. Brizan has noticed that people tend to only help themselves and their close friends regardless. This will not help improve the tower, therefore Brizan likes to help total strangers.
Daydreaming- Brizan loves to come up with strategies for every possible situation and therefore spends much of his time spaced out.

Honor- Views an honor as sentimental and foolish, having something like honor in the tower is a good way to get yourself killed. Brizan has never been particularly strong, so he has always done whatever it took to achieve the best possible situation for those around him, even if it was at the cost of his own or someone else’s happiness. This includes using petty tricks to extort money from someone with too much.

Spending money- Brizan is incredibly cheap and dies a little bit inside every time he spends money.

Bright areas- Light has always caused Brizan extreme squinting due to possessing rather sensitive eyes.

Anything unoriginal or generic- Brizan appreciates creativity and pursuing alternative routes more than anything else.

Discrimination- Brizan cringes when someone is belittled due to stereotyping due to sexuality, gender or race. This is closely related to his appreciation for the unique because he sees every individual as having unique traits.

Optimism: Tends to look down on looking up. For him at least, hope tends to prevent one from actually accomplishing what’s needs to be done and makes failure worse.

Being restrained- Whether being by fate, limits or the tower itself, Brizan pursues freedom from these shackles.



    Brzan is an odd, but extremely open-minded individual to say the least. On the exterior he tends to show very little emotion so he can judge everything objectively without the bias of rumors and superstition. However, he is actually a very kind individual who enjoys helping people who he has never met before and tends to leave without being thanked. To him, this is his way of making as broad of an impact as possible despite being extremely pessimistic.

Brizan's curiosity and lust for knowledge are also important to mention. He often gets incredibly distracted by anything that seems different, especially if it is an organism of some sort. The scientist in him is always looking for a way to express itself, even when climbing the tower.

His odd sense of humor is another important mention. He tends to express this at pretty much all times by expressing a personally with an extreme sense of self entitlement. While doing this, he tends to go on random tangents about accepting applications from young females seeking to bear his seed. Brizan sadly claims that none of these applications have reached his standards. He humor also incredibly cynical and pessimistic in nature. He also loves to make people feel awkward by blitzing their comfort zone with fake peppiness or creepy smiles. Sniffing people when their back is turned also seems to be an effective strategy that he likes to implement.  

       Character's History:

We want you to be very close to your Regular on a personal level soooo
This is the part where you tell your character's story! Where did they
come from? Where have they been? What did they do and how did they get
to be where they are? Be Creative and have fun with it. We would like this section to be 2-3 paragraphs long please.
To understand why Brizan is the he way he is, one must first understand the culture of the 88th floor. This floor has a very high concentration, even in the outer tower. Due to this, most children do not survive infancy even with genetics ensuring traits for shinsoo resistance. As a result of this, the various towns of the floor are extremely tight knit all help raise the children since they are the future. Since it is a collective effort, they do not use last names, but instead introduce themselves and their hometown when travelling. This explains Brizan’s apathetic attitude towards sex and romance since who the true parents are has little meaning on his floor.

Brizan is from a town composed entirely of Greyzong and has always had a deep interest in science and philosophy. Though he deeply appreciates all that the people of his town had done for him, he has always been troubled by the culture’s cyclical nature where everyone simply played different roles as they aged(children learned what was needed to sustain the culture’s way of life, younger adults assisted with gathering and crafting, middle aged adults taught the children  and the elders ran the government). Luckily for him, Brizan was quickly recognized for his intelligence at the age of 12 and was sent to a University where intelligent teenagers and young adults from all the towns learned the more advanced trades that would help the society advance in technology, philosophy and science. Brizan opted to go the route of a biologist to pursue a career in studying how organisms evolved to adapt. This was quite ironic considering the culture of the floor.

It was in school that Brizan learned of the Tower and what it was since the cultures’ of the towns had very little  reason to share that knowledge because they remained cyclical in nature. The more Brizan though about the tower, the more depressed he got. Brizan was quickly being recognized as a scientist contributing greatly to the pool of knowledge despite only now being in his mid-twenties  yet this all felt rather nugatory. The whole appeal of contributing to knowledge was that it was your own tiny impact that could be further built upon by future contributors into something that may eventually aid the whole world. However, the whole world could not be reached and Brizan would be lucky if even the rest of the tower got to see his contributions. The thought left him in an existential crisis that led him to fleeing the universities research facilities to better understand the structure he lived in and if he could escape its walls.

Getting to the wall was considered virtually impossible to many who lived on the 88th floor since there were pools of liquefied shinsoo to swim through that would cause trouble for even the many people on the floor with high shinsoo resistance. Brizan’s resistence, however was abnormally high. He was also a fit and decent swimmer/runner regardless of shinsoo concentration so he pushed himself to his limits and managed to make it to the wall. Though he never states what he saw, he was able to confirm that it was infact impossible to escape from his floor. Isolated and hungry on the other side of a wide shinsoo river, Brizan fell into a temporary state of despair. Nothing that Brizan did would ever have much lasting meaning as he was now. If there was a way, according to his readings, it would likely be impossible for a non-ranker to even have access to this exit. It was then that Brizan had vowed to find some way to become a regular and as if some god had heard him, his wish was granted.
(Note: While Brizan was at the university, he gave himself three last names as a joke. Ka'azigar is his hometown, Greyzong is his race, and Ti vil ian roughly means “I am the protagonist bitches” in some obscure language so he made it one word and threw it in there for laughs.)

Character Aspects
   "Just a few specifics."

    Rank: (Every new regular starts at F rank) F
(What position you want your character to be.) Scout(Intelligence gathering type)
(How tall is your character?)   5’8”  
(How much does your character weigh? please be logical on this one) 148
    Hair color/length:
(Since this forum is anime based odd hair colors are fine) Blonde-is slicked back and trails partway down the back of his neck.
       Eye color:
(Again, odd colors are okay)  
The bulk of his eye(white) is a light shade of grey. His iris and pupil have the design in this image.

"What do you carry?"

Combat Information

"Got some skills?"

Fighting Techniques







Contact info
  "Just a few random things."

            (Not required)
            Who do you want to be known as OOC?: Grandmaster Briz the Legendary Slayer of Happiness XVI
               Want to share your skype?: bak1192 @ hotmail . com
               Hours you think you'll be available?:  After 8 pm eastern time on most days though I may be open at other times as well.
Face Claim: (Name of your Face Claim) None
   Anime: (What Anime is your Face Claim from)
Created using anime character maker 2.2
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Character sheet

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