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 Items of the tower

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PostSubject: Items of the tower   Items of the tower EmptyMon Jul 01, 2013 8:58 pm

Here are some of the basic items and how to get them.


What they are- Pockets are devices that provide a variety of functions that aid the competitors in the Tower. It is seen as a "symbol" of strength for the regulars.

They are made from high purity Suspendium so they are capable of floating in areas of high Shinsoo density/viscosity.
They are classified by their ranks from SS-Grade to F-Grade. An A-Grade pocket is extremely expensive. Every Regular receives an F-Grade pocket when entering the tower. This F-Grade pocket can be used to make the Shinsoo Contract with the Floor Guardians till the 40th floor.

What they can do- A Pocket enables the wearer to understand the different languages spoken in the Tower automatically translating them into their own. The Pocket possesses a number of other abilities too.
When told "Invisible Mode", the Pocket can be concealed from view. And with the command "Visible mode" it will once again become visible. The pocket must be in visible mode to form a contract with a guardian, which is initiated with "Contract with the Guardian". When the Contract is completed, the Pocket will then display "contract complete"

For all Regulars, pockets are really important as they allow contracts to be formed with the guardian on each floor. This is because every Position has to learn how to use Shinsoo for some purpose. And usage of Shinsoo without an item requires a contract with the Guardian.

Known Abilities:
Enable you to meet a Guardian to attempt to make a contract
Invisible/Visible Modes
Light source
Phone Function
Private communication mode where only certain people are able to listen in or communicate with one another, without anyone else hearing.
Timer Function
Tracking Function
Translate Languages
Transmitting messages

Arms Inventory

What they are-Arms Inventory is the basic armament used by all Fishermen, but it is not restricted from use by other Positions. Arm Inventories are customized for the storage of each user's weapons.
As a Fisherman becomes more capable of wielding different types of weapons, he or she will be proven worthy of obtaining Arm Inventories capable of storing more weapons (more slots, ability to store more types of weapons, etc.).similar to a Pocket they have a visible and invisible mode. All Fishermen get this upon being sorted into that position.

Armor Inventory

What they are
Armor inventories are customized armor made from suspendium so they can float, they are used to block attacks and can be controlled through shinsoo.


What they are- A Pipe is a Arms Inventory for Spears only. It is used by the Spear Bearers to carry multiple spears at a time. Pipes are known for being very heavy.
Similar to a Pocket, a pipe has a Visible Mode and an Invisible Mode. All Spear Bearers get this upon being sorted into that position.


What they are- Unlike in the manwha a Carrier will be slightly changed here. A carrier will combine a pipe and an arms inventory allowing one to carry any type of weapon. Like most other items a Carrier has a visible mode and an invisible mode.


What they are- A Lighthouse is a cube used for gathering information and emitting light. It is powered by Shinsoo which exists everywhere so it is wireless.
It also has wireless networking features which allows it to connect with external devices like another Lighthouse, an Observer and so on. When it has been "disconnected" or split up, it forms a network of cubes that shrink to be easily carried.

It's also a misconception that Lighthouses can be destroyed easily. When a Lighthouse is knocked out, it has fallen outside of the Light Bearer's field of Shinsoo control and will fall to the ground. It is no longer in operating mode because its power source has been disconnected. All Light Bearers get this upon being sorted into that position.


What they are-An Observer is a modified Ball used by all positions. They collect visual data and pass the information on to both the owner himself and also to allied Light Bearers, who in turn analyze these data and coordinate their own team accordingly. They are able to illuminate the darkness and as well as be able to project a hologram. Observers are used when there is no Light Bearer on a team, if there is no Lighthouse near a team member or to complement a Lighthouse.



  • Sword- A sword is a weapon consisting typically of a long, straight or slightly curved, pointed blade having one or two cutting edges and set into a hilt.
    As you get higher and higher up the tower, due to the high viscosity of shinsoo wide swords with high surface area are more rare.
  • Hook- A Hook is an type of weapon in the Tower. They are generally used to pull, stab and crush. A basic example is "hooking" the opponent in order to restrict his/her movements.
  • Spear- Spears are the classically used by Spear Bearers. They are generally two kind of spears, the ones used for stabbing and the ones used for long range throwing.
    Some of them are of such quality that they can be thrown vast distances. Spear bearers use a Pipe to carry their spears.

  • Needle-Needles are one of the most common weapons in the tower, but also one of the best. They are thin spikes, generally used to pierce and stab. One reason the Needle is the most basic weapon in the Tower is that piercing and thrusting attacks receive less Shinsoo resistance, and are technically more aerodynamic(able to move better in Shinsoo). A sword will have to break through more Shinsoo due to having a greater surface area.

  • Wand- A Wand is an item with the ability to create/collect an amount of Shinsoo. The ability to control Shinsoo is very rare, and most Regulars and Rankers use special items when they wish to manipulate larger amounts of shinsoo. These items are called Wands. When the user gets a Wand they must make a contract with a floors Guardian to be able to manipulate Shinsoo with it. So, the wand can only be used on Floors where it has a Contract with a Guardian. If a Wand is under contract of the Guardians of Floors 2-31, then it will not be able to manipulate any Shinsoo on the 32rd floor and beyond.
    The Contract does not only specify the Floor/s (or part of a Floor/s) which the wand can be used, but also the fixed amount of Shinsoo that can be manipulated.

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Items of the tower
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