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 Tiberius Caesar

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Caesar Task

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Tiberius Caesar   Tiberius Caesar EmptyMon Jul 08, 2013 7:51 pm

Tower of God

Basic Information

 "Tell me about yourself?"

      Name: Tiberius Caesar
     Alias: Tiber
       Birthday: September 7
       Race: Full Human  
       Sexuality: Straight


 Appearance and Profile Information

 "Lets see who you are."


     Character Description:

His right eye is covered by an eyepatch. Wears a long sleeved shirt with thick horizontal stripes of red, black, and blue gray. Also wears black jeans which have an excessive amount of pockets. Frequently goes barefoot, so his feet have tough skin. He has a skinny build which is suited to agile movements.


   Only need one goal can have more, but the others need 3 and why.

To one day acquire a sum of money equal or more than that of one of the ten great families.

To reach the top of course.
Money: So Tiber can live a life without financial worries, maybe even help his friends, if he likes them enough, to do the same.

Status: Tiber wants to grow from his lower status into a relatively high position where arrogance can't reach him.

The Top: Though more of a passing wonder, Tiber wants to know if there is anything beyond the tower. Is there really a sky of stars? Is there really a vast rolling landscape?

Money: Tiber will fight for money, usually the highest bidder. He loves knowing that he won't go hungry and etc.

Humility: Tiber likes people who don't boast excessively or strut their stuff.

Unique Items: Tiber likes items that don't provide their generic use, or are just the same as other items in their category. Especially valuable weapons.


Arrogance: Hates people who flaunt their status and skills, especially those of the ten great families and Zahard's brood.

Hunger: Tiber hates being in hunger and seeing those that are.

Pictures: Hates more than anything when people try to take or draw his picture. Unless the drawing is excessively flattering.




Tiberius is an easygoing person who can work hard only when properly motivated. He is annoyed, but not turned off, by excessive seriousness and will generally attempt to joke around with everyone and try to make people more at ease, even in combat. Like said before, he can't easily get along with people who are uptight and arrogant, even more so when that person belongs to certain noble and royal families. Though if he meets someone from those families and they are humble to a certain extent, he will happily get along with them. When it comes to money, Tiberius will fight for the highest bidder and will never turn against them unless a sum of money, exponentially higher than his original employer, is offered. In that regard, Tiberius is a bit of a hypocrite as he hates disloyal employers and allies.

       Character's History: Tiberius' family was poor, though not on the levels of extreme poverty. Thus his family always had a fair amount of money to spend on food and victuals. Even so, Tiberius hated having the same edibles day after day, and so he resorted to stealing off various stalls and pickpocketing which resulted in his natural agile build. It was the same with his childhood friends, they stole along with him but were caught various times, only Tiberius remained at large in the end and by himself.
At the age of fourteen, Tiberius was brought into a small criminal group which valued money on the extreme degree. They noticed his skills and thought he was "worthy", so they put him to work in their jobs and heists of different degrees. Tiberius never went without delicious food and precious items and money when with that group. Two years later, their group was hired out in order to pull off a heist to steal a valuable object from a wealthy family. It failed miserably, and Tiberius' criminal group needed a decent scapegoat and they chose Tiberius, resulting in his hypocritical attitude towards loyalty.
Barely managing to escape, and damaging his eye in the process, Tiberius gained considerable notoriety from that day and he had to stay out of society's eye for several more years. During that time, Tiberius' family was killed by the people who hired Tiberius' criminal group. Tiberius didn't want revenge, nor did he do anything drastic, instead, Tiberius blamed all his family's trouble on the lack of money. Tiberius honed his skills with polearms, as they were the most easily obtainable weapon in his area, and tried to become a mercenary. And then the tower called to him...


 Character Aspects
   "Just a few specifics."

     Rank: F-Rank
54 kg or 120 lbs
     Hair color/length:
Red hair, medium sized and well kept
       Eye color:
Green eyes with the right eye is covered by an eyepatch  

 "What do you carry?"


   Tiberius's Spear


 Combat Information

"Got some skills?"
Fighting Techniques








Contact info
  "Just a few random things."
             (Not required)
             Who do you want to be known as OOC?: Caesar
               Want to share your skype?: Willing to get one
               Hours you think you'll be available?: Almost any times on days other than Monday and Wednesday.
 Face Claim:Lavi
   Anime: D. Grey Man

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Character sheet

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Tiberius Caesar
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