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 Climbing the tower

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PostSubject: Climbing the tower   Climbing the tower EmptyMon Jul 01, 2013 7:15 pm

The main goal of every Regular is to climb to the highest floors they can reach and the number of floors determines their ability and the measure of their overall prowess. While we don't measure your progress by floor per se, we measure it by Block. Each block has 10 floors of the tower in it. The ruler of each block resides on the last floor in said block and it is there that you will receive the test from them that will allow you to move to the next block. The first block is the only one that does not follow this rule as it determines everything about you before you truly begin climbing the tower. Now this doesnt mean that the only excitement is going to be on the last floor of each block, there is plenty on each floor in between. Fights, shopping, training, guilds, quests. All of these exist throughout the tower and happen on the floors that are not used to conduct tests.


Alpha Block (The most active block, where you learn your position)
-Floor 1 (The 1st Test Floor, where regulars start and are officially deemed worthy to climb the tower)
-Floor 2 (The sorting floor, where regulars are sorted into their positions)

Bravo Block
-Floor 3-9 (beginning training area for each position)

Charlie Block
-Floor 10 (2nd Test Floor)
-Floor 11-19

Delta Block
-Floor 20 (3rd Test Floor, rank up to E Grade)
-Floor 21-29

Echo Block
-Floor 30 (4th Test Floor)
-Floor 31-39

Foxtrot Block
-Floor 40 (5th Test Floor, rank up to D Grade)
-Floor 41-49

Golf Block
-Floor 50 (6th Test Floor)
-Floor 51-59

Hotel Block
-Floor 60 (7th Test Floor, rank up to C Grade)
-Floor 61-69

India Block
-Floor 70 (8th Test Floor)
-Floor 71-79

Juliet Block
-Floor 80 (9th Test Floor, rank up to B Grade)
-Floor 81-89

Kilo Block
-Floor 90 (10th Test Floor)
-Floor 91-99

(will fill in more when needed)

Climbing Floors

Moving up floors here is basically just like in Canon. You climb a floor, you take the examination. If you pass you stay, and if you fail you go back to the previous floor. The Examinations are hosted in their own threads by the Examiners themselves.
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Climbing the tower
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