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 Ability Rules

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PostSubject: Ability Rules   Ability Rules EmptyMon Jul 08, 2013 1:43 pm

There are many Positions in TOG and an almost unlimited amount of Abilities so there must be rules to govern this from going wild. Each Rank you gain as a Regular will allow you to make 5 Abilities for that Rank after E Rank, F and E Rank will have a smaller amount. So you will end up with a total of 35 abilities you can make, you will also have a chance to buy extra ability slots from the workshop so you can make more.
F Rank - 2
E Rank - 3
D Rank - 5
C Rank - 5
B Rank - 5
A Rank - 5
S Rank - 5
SS Rank - 5

Now these abilities can have a great range of uses to them. Shinsoo strengthening, Shinsoo attacks, Defensive barriers ect... But they need to correspond with your Position. If your a Spear Bearer you shouldnt be making Light Bearer Abilities. Now i know that someone is not limited to a single Position but until you have the items for that Position i dont want you making abilities for them. Shinsoo Strengthening can be done by any Position as well as some Wave Controller Abilities. Just dont go overboard and it should be approved.

As for the rank of abilities, F rank is the lowest and weakest of all the abilities and they need to match this. All abilities will be graded to make sure they stay within the guidelines and to make sure they are not overpowered. As they grow in Ranks, abilities will become more powerful.
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Ability Rules
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