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 Attributes and Stats

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Attributes and Stats Empty
PostSubject: Attributes and Stats   Attributes and Stats EmptyMon Jul 01, 2013 6:18 pm

The main attributes every Regular has are:

Physical Strength
Physical Defense
Shinsoo Strength
Shinsoo Defense

Physical Strength - covers a general rating of your physical offensive capability.

Physical Defense - covers a general rating of your physical defensive capability.

Shinsoo Strength - covers a general rating of the force your shinsoo skills can deliver and the number of Bangs of shinsoo you can control.

Shinsoo Defense - covers a general rating of your defensive capabilities concerning Shinsoo resistance and ability to block shinsoo attacks.

Speed - Covers a general rating of how fast your character is be it running, reaction time, mental speed.

How are these 5 stats ranked?
These stats are ranked into 8 ranks, the lowest is F rank and the highest is the SS rank.

So what ranks do we start at? Or do we choose the ranks of these stats?
The way we do things is that each rank from F to SS is represented by 15 stat points meaning in each category exuding F rank

When you complete a test given by the guardian or the ruler you will get 5 points to allocate among your stats. When making a regular you start out with a total of 50 stat points that can be put into whichever stats you like, although no stat can drop below 5.
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Attributes and Stats
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