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 Akuma Oni~

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Juno Oni
Juno Oni

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Akuma Oni~   Akuma Oni~ EmptyThu Jul 04, 2013 6:45 pm

Basic Information

 "Tell me about yourself?"

      Name: Akuma Oni
     Alias: Juno
       Birthday: 3/17
       Race: Human/mixed(lost in family tree) 
Family: Oni       
       Sexuality: Heterosexual


 Appearance and Profile Information

 "Lets see who you are."


     Character Description:

A noticeable physical trait that Juno processes is a pair of red horns that go maybe 3 to four inches off of his head.(Like Ho from the manga) He wears an orange kimono and has only one of the sleeves pulled up like in the picture. A black sash that's about 2 feet wide and 3 feet long it hangs down between his legs, on his feet you could find a pair of wood platform sandals. His right eye is also missing lost in the tournament a little sacrifice he had to make and is covered by a black patch that  was sown into his skin.

   Life-goal(s): To reach the top and gain the power to kill this so called god.
-Power: Juno is pretty much obsessed with obtaining power similar to that of the god who controls the tower.

-Family: He was chosen out of his family so it is his duty to make them proud by reaching the top of the tower.

-Ranking: Juno wants to become part of the top four rankers and will try his hardest too.

-Food: He is always hungry and can eat at any time, but he prefers meat.

-Swords: As a swordsman he is always ready to add to his collection by buying, killing, etc.

-Power: Juno's goal is to kill a god, he is fascinated by power and can't get enough.

-Weak people: Juno will not help someone who cannot help themselves and that is final.

-Defeat: This word is almost unknown to Juno its not an option for him.

-Beating around the bush: Juno likes to get things done, he's not one who does excessive things and likes to get his mission accomplished.


Juno's mind is infatuated with power, it's the main thing that floats around in that dome of his. The other part is usually filled with meat or food because he's eternally hungry and you can catch his stomach growling if you listen usually. Something else that's signature to him is a laugh that sounds like "Kekekekekekeke" it's pretty scary if you aren't expecting it at first. When he loses a sword its like a part of him dies on the inside and usually he becomes very enraged and pissed that the sword is gone.

       Character's History:

Juno is one of the many children to bear the horns of the Oni clan, to be exact he is one of the few children conceived by the head of the clan. From an early age favorites were picked, Juno was lucky enough to receive such a blessing and had almost anything he needed at his disposal. He showed an attachment to swords always grabbing them and trying to make off with them as a baby, so after a few years passed he put into sword training. Another thing he did was eat, he was a friggen dumpster as a baby and had become quite chunky. He was often called Juno, because it seemed to be a "softer" name than Akuma or Oni both standing for demon, devil, etc.

After aging for a few years the chunkyness wore off and Juno bloomed into quite a physically fit fellow who had a nice amount of muscles. By now he has also gained a mastery over the swords by practicing everyday that he could. Juno has even designed a few styles by himself amazing the leaders of his family and almost ensuring his spot as a chosen. Later in his years the family held a tournament and by this time I hope that you've asumed Juno won, well because he did and thats how he was sent into the tower. 

 Character Aspects
   "Just a few specifics."

     Rank: F rank
Wave Controller
170 lbs
     Hair color/length:
Black, medium lengthy shaggy
       Eye color:

 "What do you carry?"


   (use the link button in the toolbar to link an item or weapon page here, this will be done by staff to keep updated)


 Combat Information

"Got some skills?"
Fighting Techniques








Contact info
  "Just a few random things."
             Who do you want to be known as OOC?: Juno
               Want to share your skype?: ran.dom17
               Hours you think you'll be available?: it depends on which job i get(i have a few apps in could be working first or third)
 Face Claim: Date Masamune (Name of your Face Claim)
   Anime: Sengoku Basara (What Anime is your Face Claim from)

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Rogue Mirage

Rogue Mirage

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Re: Akuma Oni~   Akuma Oni~ EmptyFri Jul 05, 2013 3:17 pm

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Akuma Oni~
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