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 What is Shinsoo

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PostSubject: What is Shinsoo   What is Shinsoo EmptyWed Jul 03, 2013 1:41 am

Shinsoo  is a miraculous substance that flows through the Tower and each Floor has areas of varying amounts of Shinsoo density, increasing with each floor. In lower concentrations, its' density makes it act like a gas, but in higher concentrations, it is like liquid.
In different times, Shinsoo can act as water, fire, air, or light, and has an endless list of variations. As it can be so many different things, nothing can be singled out to define Shinsoo or to assign it with a special property. Shinsoo is the "basis of all energy".

Shinsoo is essential for living in the Tower, as it allows for breathing and provides moisture for the inhabitants. It is stated that within the Tower, Shinsoo replaces air and carries out all the processes that air would.

According to Legend, Shinsoo is said to have no limits. Through Shinsoo alone, one can attain eternal youth or immortality. There is a rumour it is possible to create life using Shinsoo. In turn, the Guardians control Shinsoo on each Floor.

Sometimes when people start to handle Shinsoo, their growth stops before they become adults.

Much research in the difference between air and Shinsoo has been made by Ashul Edwaru, and the below is a summery from a book about weapons that he has made.
First, the common point is that they both let living beings breathe. And they both flow constantly. It is also identical that they are powerful enough to threaten others when they flow harshly.

Then the difference? The biggest difference is indeed the characteristics that vary by concentration. In Shinsoo's case it's more like a gas when it's in low concentrations and more like liquid when it is in high concentrations. However, it seems air cannot be liquefied, even in high concentrations.

The second difference is the circulation. The circulation of Shinsoo is very fluent but there is no common law. (And the movements are all different, depending on the floor of the Tower you are on.) However, it is said that there are set laws in the circulation of air. (I want to study some more about the laws, but the research is slow because none of the Irregulars that I have met are knowledgeable enough about the laws of air.)

The third difference is consumption. Shinsoo exists everywhere inside the tower. So Shinsoo exists even in a room that is completely sealed. Shinsoo does not flow in from somewhere else, but is rather created from the Tower. So, we can live in sealed places. Air is not created from sealed places, and if a being is locked inside a sealed room, the being will consume all of the air and die. (It seems very uncomfortable.)

Baang, Myun and Soo
The basic unit of Shinsoo manipulation is called Baang , the size of the Baang is called Myun  and the density of Shinsoo that goes in a Baang is called Soo .

Note: they used "room" in the manga because the whole explanation is easier to understand if you imagine it using "room / wall / mass". Eg. Imagine some Rooms and each has certain size (specified by Wall). But having many Rooms with big Walls doesnt mean its strong, because you also need to count Mass (basically density of object).

The Baang is the basic unit of Shinsoo manipulation. The more Baangs one can control, the more skilled at manipulating Shinsoo one is judged to be. However, this does not mean one can manipulate greater Myun and higher Soo with many Baangs. As the number of Baangs increase, control becomes more difficult. Overdoing the handling of Baangs can physically and mentally exhaust the manipulator - in serious cases, this may lead to death. If supported by a Lighthouse, the manipulation of the created Baangs can become much easier, but this does not mean the number of Baangs increases.

Myun refers to the size of a Baang. Specifically, it refers to the surface area that Shinsoo is spread out across, regardless to height. 1 Myun is equal to 1 pyeong , which is equal to around 3.306 square meters of Shinsoo. When discussing the size of a Baang, the height is not considered because its range of fluctuation is large and heavily depends on the situation, which makes it difficult to discern. (Height is not involved in the calculation of the size of the Baang. The height is dealt with by converting it using the numerical value of the concentration of the Baang in question.) It can be said that the wider the Myun one can control, the wider the area in which Shinsoo can be applied. Those who can control a large myun are closest to what the traditional wave controllers were, who controlled the flow of the battle field. Since they had to be able to control shinsoo throughout the whole battlefield, the myun the wave controller would have to be the size of the battlefield.
However, because one can control a wide Myun does not mean one can manipulate a certain concentration of Shinsoo within the Myun. Normally, the center of a Myun has the highest concentration of Shinsoo and the circumference has the lowest concentration, but skilled manipulators can make the outer layer quite dense. There are also some who can control the concentration within the bang quite freely, although this is quite rare.

Soo refers to the concentration of Shinsoo within a Baang. Only the concentration of Shinsoo in the most concentrated area of the Baang is used to calculate Soo. There is no numerical unit used on Earth that can be related to Soo. The measurement of Soo can only be done using a Lighthouse, Observer, or specialized senses. The higher the Soo, the more effective and destructive a Baang is. This is why controlling a high Soo is extremely important. Normally, the denser the Shinsoo in the environment, the faster the Soo in a Baang can be increased. However, there is a limit to the amount of Soo that can be pressed into a Baang, and this limit depends on the person. The environment has no effect in overcoming this limit whatsoever. The concentration of Soo within a Baang is not uniform, either. The value of Soo changes depending on the Myun, so there are big differences in regards to Soo between individuals who manipulate Shinsoo. If one has very good mental concentration, it is possible to manipulate a high Soo of Shinsoo within a small Myun. If one is very good at distributed data processing, it is possible to manipulate a certain amount of Soo within a large Myun.

Baang, Myun, and Soo together
Basically, when discussing the Baang, Myun, and Soo an individual can control, Baang would actually refer to the maximum number of Baangs one can manipulate simultaneously. Myun would actually refer to the maximum Myun one can manipulate if they created only one Baang, and Soo would actually refer to the maximum concentration one can press into a Baang, regardless of the Myun in this case. For example, let's say someone can:
control 4 Baangs at once, but they're not very big or dense
control 100 Myun if they create only 1 Baang and focus everything on it
gather up to 30 Soo into a single Baang
Despite the fact that they are unable to do all of the above at the same time, they are still evaluated as being able to control "4 Baang 100 Myun 30 Soo".
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What is Shinsoo
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