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 The structure of the tower

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The structure of the tower  Empty
PostSubject: The structure of the tower    The structure of the tower  EmptyMon Jul 01, 2013 6:09 pm

The Inner Tower

Inner Tower is where the selected Regulars climb the Tower. The Ruler of each floor decides on a series of tests, specifics of which are decided by the Test Director and then held by Test Examiners and other staff.

The Regulars must pass all of the tests to go to the next floor. Then they go up to the next Floor. So, everyone has to take the staircase in the Middle Area to reach the next Floor.

Regulars must take the exams to reach the next floor until the 20th Floor, and they can go in and out of the Middle Area after the 20th floor. If they wish to, they can settle in the Middle Area.

Regulars, who fail on 1st and 2nd Floor or give up climbing the Tower after they've reached the 3rd Floor, are stripped of their rights and are sent to the Middle Area. This is likely so they can return home as it can be used to travel between the Inner and Outer Tower. However if they give up climbing the Tower after 20th Floor, they will have better status than normal residents in Middle and Outer Tower.

The outer tower

Outer Tower is the residental district and each floor of the Outer Tower is as large as the continent of America on Earth, And apparently, people are born in the Outer Tower and live on the same Floor for their entire lives.

Also, some or all of the Floors have the practice of issuing a Residential Card to the dwellers. This is possibly to keep track of certain details like a resident's birth and death records, family registrar, marriage registrar, employment records, eligible benefits and so on.

Once a person shows potential of climbing the Tower, he or she get chosen and becomes a Regular, earning the right of climbing the Inner Tower. The cultures of each floor are all different, and the climates and temperatures all vary. These conditions have been decided by the tendencies of the Guardians and the Rulers of each floor.

Each area of the Inner Tower, Outer Tower and Middle Area are managed by the Ruler (the title is different for each floor. They are called President, Chief, etc.) of the area. The Rulers are all High Rankers.

Middle are

The Middle Area is an area between the Inner and Outer sections and it can be used to travel between the Inner and Outer Tower. It is smaller than the Outer Tower, and it varies by the floor. There is some interchange with the Outer Tower. The standard of living is much better. Both Regulars and Rankers can live there. However, Regulars only earn the right of living there by themselves or with their family members once they reach Floor 20. This means that people who are not Regulars can live there too. Those who've permission to operate businesses in the Middle Area, are also allowed to stay there or to enter the Middle Area. Sometimes, there are thieves who target the businesses transporting goods from the Outer Tower.

The stairways in the Middle Area are used by Rankers to skip floors of the Inner Tower as only Guardians can teleport others It's also likely one can only navigate the stairways of the Middle Area with the assistance of a Guide as there are dead ends and parts of the Tower are very dark.

Rankers can go to the Outer and Inner Towers as they wish, and they are guaranteed premium treatment in their lives. Regulars can get premium treatment according to the floor they reached.

The relationship between the Regulars and the non-Regulars is similar to that of the ruling class and the subjected class.
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The structure of the tower
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